Go Big or Go Home 2015 Snowboard Results

Female Under 13s :

1st Emma Swanson

2nd Bradie Zimmer

3rd N/A


Female Over 13s :

1st Vaila Chapman

2nd Gillian Finnerty

3rd N/A


Male Under 13s :

1st Lewis Moore

2nd Cameron Smith

3rd Logan King


Male 13-16s :

1st Fin Bremner

2nd Ciaran Tucker

3rd Jordan Rose


Male 17+ :

1st Matt McCormick

2nd Matt Corry

3rd Nathan Sim


Overall Male GBoGH Champion – Matt McCormick

Overall Female GBoGH Champion – Vaila Chapman


Best Bail – Lewis Moore

Best Style – Ciaran Tucker

Best Trick – Matt McCormick (Switch Backside 9)

Best Unsponsored – Nathan Sim



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