2019 Results

Female Ski 12 and Under

1st Abbie Harkness

2nd Aila Paterson

3rd Melissa Burke

Female Ski 13 and Over

1st Kirsty Muir

2nd Rowan Hebblethwaite

3rd Alice Sanderson

Overall Female Ski Champ: Kirsty Muir 

Male Ski 12 and Under

1st Deja Parker

2nd Jamie Ronaldson

3rd Stewart Robertson

Male Ski 13-15s

1st Arran Sangster

2nd Luke Burke

3rd Connor Sheves

Male Ski 16+

1st Jay Hebblethwaite

2nd Rob Wilkinson

3rd Ronan McLaren

Overall Male Ski Champ: Jay Hebblethwaite

Female Snowboard 

1st Lara Cabrera-Myram

2nd Abby Greig

Overall Female Snowboard Champ: Lara Cabrera-Myram

Male Snowboard 12 and Under 

1st Roahan Duncan

2nd Eral Maddox

3rd Sam Murdoch

Male Snowboard 13-15

1st Lewis Moore

2nd Liam Tynan

3rd Euan Rogers

Male Snowboard 16+

1st Fraser Jack

2nd Logan King

3rd Fraser Jamieson

Overall Male Snowboard Champ: Fraser Jack 


Spot Prizes:

Best Bail Ski: Flynn Abu-Rajab

Best Bail Ski: Jonny Cresswell

Best Style Ski: Ronan McLaren

Best Style Snowboard: Logan King

Standout Trick Ski: Jay Hebblethwaite

Standout Trick Snowboard: Fraser Jamieson

Best Unsponsored Ski: Connor Sheeves

Best Unsponsored Snowboard: Evan Rogers

GBOGH19 -0825







































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